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Our Mission Is Protecting Yours

At Protect His House, our mission is to safeguard religious institutions and prioritize the safety and security of their congregations. We are dedicated to empowering churches and places of worship by providing essential skills and training programs that equip them to protect their communities.

Through our comprehensive range of training courses, including Active Shooter Defense AKA “P.R.E.S.S.” classes and our specialized first aid course called “Healing Hands,” we ensure that religious organizations have the knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively respond to potential threats.

Our team of expert instructors is committed to delivering high-quality training that goes beyond theoretical knowledge, offering practical skills and strategies to enhance security measures. We understand the unique challenges faced by houses of worship, and we tailor our programs to address those specific needs.

By training with Protect His House, you are taking proactive steps towards creating a secure environment for your house of worship. We invite you to partner with us today and embrace the essential task of protecting your congregation. Together, let us make your place of worship a safe haven for all.


The Best In The Business

We are a team of instructors with diverse backgrounds including law enforcement, SWAT, and military.

“My guarantee to you is to bring 120% every time we show up to train you. When you choose us, you choose a training experience that will stick with you for life. We develop real skills so that you aren’t wasting your time and money. Your job is to keep your congregation safe, it is our job to teach you how.”

- Tommy Sapp, President/CEO

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